What Makes A Detail?


The word “ Detail ” -  sounds the same ..., but is not the same on every level.

When it comes to cars, the word “detail” is thrown around loosely, but depending on your expectations, it can mean several different things.  Let’s break down “detail” so you will be able to understand the old saying “you get what you pay for”.

In my opinion, many people think detailing is all about the shine and just looking good... which is only a small part of the detailing process. With vehicle paint technology today, we can wash it and make it shine. Do you agree? But is it protected? Odds are, it’s not.

Here is why we believe it’s important to understand the concept of detailing as it applies to making a car shine and giving a car protection. 

We hear this all the time: “I don't want to get my vehicle detailed because it's going to rain this week...”. Trust me, we understand, but the process is much bigger than the weekend shine. Applying the proper paint protection is a crucial step in preparing your vehicle for the rain, snow, heat, and other environmental contaminants. It's not only about the shine. A properly detailed vehicle will clean easier and provide the protection needed to fight the harsh elements. I would like to emphasize that some of the most important steps in the detailing  process  cannot always be seen. The shine is another part of the overall process that is seen, a visible reward for all the hard work put in “behind the scenes”. 

” Know what services you're paying for”

There are different levels of detail that make the detail. For example, one technician may wash a car, speed vacuum, shine the tires, and call it a detail. These type of services can range $40-$75. This doesn't mean this technician is not good at their level of service. It's all about the levels or depth of service provided by the technician. 

At DMD, we detail on a higher level.  We not only wash, vacuum, and make your vehicle shine, but we focus on decontaminating, machine polishing, waxing, sealing, or ceramic coating your vehicle. Some may take several hours and some can take days depending on what's all involved to reach the end result desired. Price can increase proportionately from hundreds to thousands for many reasons, depending on the level of detail desired. Your vehicle is an investment that we want to help you protect. We invest in your vehicle so that you continue to invest your trust in DMD.  We are here for you.  

Please keep in mind that the word “detail” may sound the same and look the same, but spans different on many levels. 

Don't put every service provider in the same category.  There are cooks and there are chefs; there are high school football and NFL games, but played on different levels of proficiency and experience.

You should always do your research to find the best provider for the level of service and quality you require. Make sure you understand what is involved in the service you choose. Remember, you get what you pay for.



Know the "details" on how to care for your investment. See Also Used Car Buying Tips