Brock Davidson —  5 star Thank you Jeremy and Jeron, your attention to detail was amazing  - our vehicles haven't looked this good since they were new. It's also  nice to see an emphasis on pride and customer service in the detail  industry. I wish we could bottle your attitude... I smiled for the rest  of the evening after you left. Keep up the great work.

Jaime Cotts — 5 star Had my work van's exterior washed and waxed today. Looks  amazing now-like new. They arrived on time and were professional and  courteous. They also arrived in a clean, professional looking vehicle  and trailer. Will use their services again and would highly recommend.

John E. Lawson Sr. — 5 star Jeremy really did a great job on all 3 of our cars..They are so shinny rain just runs off Great job. !! Thanks

Andrew Boyles — 5 star They came out and did a fantastic job I could not be happier with the work that they have done. Thank you.

Janee Davis — 5 star They got me in quick and out looking like the day I left the  Jeep dealership. Thanks Distinguished Mobile Detailing. I'd totally  recommend them! Watch your car be magically transformed from ordinary  into extraordinary. Best thing is they come to you!!! Check them out!

Ashley Harris —  5 star Mr. Davis did a wonderful job! My car looks better than it did  when I took it off the lot. I washed it for the second time since I had  it's still shining. The interior shines but is not at all greasy.  Products are way better than armorall lol!!! Whatever he did to remove  some minor scratches worked great. I will definitely be a repeat  customer.... Thanks.... Not to mention the work was done quickly and  professionally.

Charles Eric Miller — One of the best Detail Companies in Ohio if not #1.
Distinguished Mobile Detailing

Floyd ~ Excellent service provided in a professional manner with attention to every aspect of customer satisfaction and expectations.

Dwayne Coker ~ Best of the Best. Took care of my car as if it was his own. Top Notch service, definitely above all the rest.

Bobby & Sheretta  ~ Distinguished Mobile Detailing cleaned the interior and exterior of  my vehicles. The detail work was exceptional,my vehicles look brand new.  I was extremely pleased with his attention to detail. Looking forward  to having it done again very soon.

Yushundra Cross~  Superior job. Detailing was just that very detailed and very  accommodating. Professional work done by a professional. As long as I am  here in Dayton DMDetailing will be getting all of my business and any  that I can find for them. Thanks a lot. I don't have pics right now of  my baby but when I tell you my Benz looked great I mean it was like  looking at a shiny pearl on wheels. Thanks so much for the wonderful job  you did today.

Mr. Doncaster~  Hey guys I just wanted to show some love to DMD real fast.... some of  you may have not heard of him yet..but you will eventually because he's  that good.Different prices to fit your budget. So if you have a nice  ride and want to keep it that way shoot him a message ask questions and  he will get stuff done. Go follow him on IG and double tap them pic to  show so love to someone who want to see you shine!!!  I needed this so  bad and you really hooked it up and the best part is you did it all  while I was in my work so when it was time to get off I was clean and  ready to hit the streets, thanks again now my Avalanche is done you  will  be getting the Jeep real soon

Tuesday Kayongo—  Immaculate Clean and Shine! ... And still Gleaming and Beaming more  than a month later after top notch Detail Package! The price is right  and the service is on point! Immediately increased the resale value of  my BMW X5 in my favor... So I'm hanging on to my "like new car" a little  longer . Exceeded my Expectations... One Happy and Very Satisfied  Customer!

Labertha Williams ~ I have owned my car for five years and it has never been as cleaned  inside or outside in such a way Mr. Davis detailed it. He has a special  talent. Nothing like driving and owning a clean car. I like the Ease of  making an appointment and the convenience.

Brandi Neithamer — 5  starExcellent Response time to my request for service. Extremely  professional and courtesy. Jeremy went above and beyond services  requested and finished the job when in the time he originally said it  would take. I spend most of my time in my car traveling as well as  having two young boys that had destroyed my car for the last 3 years. My  interior now looks brand new and was way cleaner than I expected it to  be considering how it looked! Very pleased, I highly recommend!

Vernita Williams —  5 star My baby looks like new. My seats were discolored from wearing  too many blue jeans and other clothes that bleed through. I feel like  I'm traveling in a new vehicle. J T'S attention to detail is excellent. I  will always look him up when I visit Dayton. Keep up the superb job.

John Howard III — Top quality work from a guy who loves what he does... He will treat your car like his own!

Raymon Marlow ~ Very professional and timely  service. Products did exactly what he said it would do. I would recommend to anyone.

Rhonda Wynn-Green~  "When it comes to top notch service,Distinguished Mobile Detailing  delivers...  They are truly in a class all their own. Distinguished  Mobile Detailing is very professional, and always timely."

Jeremy makes my diamond shine!!

Satisfied customer

Dr. Darnell Diggs ~ My truck looked better than it did when I purchased it from the car  lot! The level of Detailed cleanliness went over and beyond my  expectations.