Used Car Buying Tip

Congrats on buying your new (old) car! In addition to all of the  obvious things to do to make sure the vehicle lasts   and represents you  well, it is very important to have a newly bought used car thoroughly  cleaned and detailed from the inside out.

Most sellers will have the car shining on the outside, but the inside  of the vehicle tells the story of the previous owner(s). Hidden odors,  trash, dead skin, snot, food, or even drugs could possibly be found and  need to be removed ASAP to prevent allergens, bacteria, germs, etc. from  being transferred with the title. These foreign substances all come  from previous owners and can affect the overall enjoyment of your new  (used) car.

You  want to take on ownership of the car alone, without the refuse from  previous owners. It was theirs, now make it your own by having it  detailed inside and out by Distinguished Mobile Detailing!