Extremely dirty vehicles, pet hair removal, stains, excessive mud and sand will require an up-charge.

Interior Detail Only*

Vacuum, vacuum boot, console, dash, interior doors, carpet, windows, seats are
 steam cleaned, leather seats cleaned and protected to prevent cracking.

Platinum Detail Package *

Wash/dry,  protect with Traditional Natural Carnauba Wax for protection; full  interior,Vacuum, vacuum boot, console, dash, interior doors, windows  cleaned, carpet, seats are

 steam  cleaned, leather seats cleaned and protected to prevent cracking; door  jams, wheel wells and tires are shined & treated. (Includes one set  of mats) Additional rubber or plastic mats cleaned & shined at extra charge.

Platinum Elite Detail Package*

Wash/dry,  clay to remove contaminates from painted surfaces; machine polished,  waxed and sealed for longer protection; full interior, vacuum, blow  cracks and crevices, vents, console, dash, vacuum boot. Carpet, doors,  seats, head liners, and seat belts are steam cleaned. All inside  plastics, vinyl, and rubber seals will be treated. Leather seats will be  cleaned and reconditioned to prevent cracking. Windows  cleaned. Windshields are treated to repel water for better visibility.  Rims, tires, wheel wells, rubber or plastic mats are cleaned and  dressed. Engine compartment cleaned and treated.

DMD Iconic Ice Paint Protection

Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic  Coating adds up to two Plus years of protection on a daily driven vehicle.  We also offer 5 year Coatings. Show cars and exotic vehicles can last for several years. Unmatched  gloss and protection at the same time. Tired of waxing your car? Want to  protect your investment from swirls and minor scratches? We have you  covered with a 9h ultra hard ceramic coating. This ceramic coating is  just like the clear coat that's already on your vehicle. The difference  is, the coating we apply helps prevent scratches and swirls. It's a  barrier to protect your clear-coat and paint. The gloss and protection  is unreal. It won't wash off, and is weather resistant to protect from  sun, acid rain, bird droppings, and it is self-cleaning. Normal washing  would be a breeze since hardly anything sticks to it. We recommend  having your new vehicle coated soon after purchase. Pre-owned vehicles  can get this coating as well. We recommend scratches, dings, swirls, and  any imperfections be corrected prior to being coated.

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Other services offered

Interior Detailing Only

Exterior Detailing Only 

Engine compartment

Overspray Removal

Machine Polishing

Sticker removal​

Fleet wash service

Need Your Home Detailed??

Exterior House Cleaning 

Pressure washing 

Soft washing

Extremely dirty vehicles, pet hair removal, stains, excessive mud and sand will require an up-charge.